Open Heart Meditation

After reading about the Open Heart study in the book Positivity I decided to begin a practice of Open Heart Meditation.  I decided to commit at least 90 minutes a week to the practice.

I began my commitment by seeking out various open heart meditations and loading them on my phone so that I could listen to them easily.

I also decided to give myself permission to do the meditations lying down.  I find I get distracted by pains in my body when I am sitting.  My ultimate objective is to move my practice to the sitting position, but in my learning and habit forming process I am going to make it as easy as possible for me to stick to my 90 minute commitment.

My first meditation was one whose goal seemed to be to connect me with the feeling of an open heart.  It was easy for me to do.  I had so many recent joyful, heartful memories to draw from.  Smiling broadly and freely was natural when reconnecting with the feelings of my full heart.  I happen to practice the mediation when I was feeling a little confused about myself and a particular relationship.  I ended my meditation with a huge smile, a heart full of gratitude and love and a focus on all that I love and appreciate about the relationship I had been questioning.  All my questions were answered and my confusions gone – because this relationship was the source of all the smiles in my meditation and I knew, that this relationship is overflowing with love, and joy and acceptance…and this is what is most important to me.

Me second meditation was a heart strengthening meditation.  It directed me to connect with the feeling of my heart, to open myself to love, to give gratitude to all my blessings.  It was beautiful and left me feeling peaceful, open and willing and wanting to receive all the gifts of the world with appreciation and intention.

I now look forward to my meditations.  I find they open my world and give me perspective, much like going for a hike in the mountains.   I have only been doing the meditations for about 10 days, and although I do notice a difference in my perspective on days I do them, I am not sure how long lasting the changes I experience are.  I look forward to continue to grow, learn and notice how my prevailing perspective changes as I continue to practice the meditations consistently.


About Me

I am who I am and as a river is never the same river and yet is distinct and unique as am I. I am everything I have ever been and everything I will ever be, and yet more than that I am who I am right now.
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