Love and War and Love Again

I am wondering how I ended up here, on Christmas, watching young mens bodies being blown into pieces.  I’m crying…deep sorrowful hopeless tears.   A battlefield of World War I is being acted out in larger than life images and sounds over my head.  Smoke, fire, screams, fill the air.  I can barely breath. 

What a horrible scene to witness, today of all days.  I hide my face in my daughters trembling sobbing chest.  She’s repeating her brother (my son’s) name over and over, Carter, Carter…I know she’s imagining him in this bloody battle…now I am to.  More violent tears burst forward.

I force myself to watch the next war scene, to find my reason, my reason for being here…there is always a reason.  The more challenging the situation, the more powerful the opportunity for profound insight.

I am thinking. “this is the antithisis of Christmas.”  “This is what happens when people hold onto idea’s & principles and let go of love.  This is what happens when people believe winning is more important that learning, having is more important than knowing, thinking is more important than loving.  This is what happens when people hate, judge and covet.”

Jesus taught love, compassion, empathy, acceptance and peace.  Through love only would war would end and peace reign.  By loving one another we would experience unconditional forgiveness, acceptance and love and we would live forever in heaven – a loveful land where anything is possible.

and all of a sudden I realize I am exactly where I need to be right now.  In fact, there is nothing more important that I could be doing and no experience more full of the message of Christmas than this reminder of war.

For this is the consequence of a people who forget love – this war.   Right now, there are people living in war.  While I sit here surrounded by people I love, who love me, while I sit in this comfortable chair, my car waiting for me on the street to take me safely back to my beautiful home, my sparkling christmas tree, with a pile of presents under it, my refrigerator full of Christmas yumminess….right now there are people suffering because of hate and fear and greed.

And right now I have the power to change that.  It’s called love.  Love is the only power in the world strong enough to overcome fear, hate & greed.  Love’s power is insurrmountable.   Love is a gift from the heaven’s, given to us to bring peace to our world and to create a world of infinite opportunities for all.  Love creates miracles.

War Horse is the story of a horse, war, and love.  The “horse” moves through the lives of people on all sides of the war…an english country boy, a distinguished english calvery officer, two young german soldiers, a young french girl, an older beaten down german soldier.  The horse doesn’t know “sides”, but he does know love and all those who handle him love them.  His owners may live, they may die, it’s irrelevent really.  All that matters is that when they live, they love.  It’s their love which creates the miracles of love and peace.

In any moment a war may rage around us, but when we hold love in our intention and attention and let it guide our actions and our interactions we will live in love and for that moment the war will dissappear.  Tie enough moments and enough lives together and the world will live in love and war will have no battlefield to exist on.



About Me

I am who I am and as a river is never the same river and yet is distinct and unique as am I. I am everything I have ever been and everything I will ever be, and yet more than that I am who I am right now.
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